Receiving Birth
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"Receiving Birth" Photo Album

Page 18Page 18
Susan in Sailor dress
Page 38Page 38
Katie's first picture
Page 55Page 55
Wedding photo
Page 93Page 93
First family picture with Joe
Page 94Page 94
Susan and Joe
Page 95Page 95
John, Susan and Joe
Welcome Home
Page 120Page 120
Susan, Nikki, Sarah at the hospital
Page 126Page 126
Family picture
Welcome home Sarah
Page 126Page 126
Joe holds Sarah for the first time
Page 135Page 135
Sarah's first birthday picture
Page 146Page 146
John as Uncle Roscoe
Page 164Page 164
Susan and Sarah in the hospital
Page 188Page 188
Sarah's First Holy Communion
Page 198Page 198
Wildwood photo booth picture
Page 199Page 199
Good Morning America photo
Page 206Page 206
Pumpkin carving
Page 231Page 231
Joe with "joke" cell phone
Page 22Page 242
Family visits Savannah
Page 27Page 247
John with kids and Marlene & Matt on porch
Page 252Page 252
Sarah, Joe, Grandma and Pup Pup before homecoming
Page 264Page 264
Joe singing
Page 270Page 270
Sarah in cowboy boots
Page 272Page 272
Susan's guitar man, John
Receiving BirthMay 2011
Receiving Birth